House Hightower

House Hightower of the Hightower is one of the most important and powerful vassals of House Tyrell (and before them of House Gardener). The sigil of House Hightower is a stone white watchtower, with a fire on the top. Their words are “We Light the Way”. Members of the house are considered loyal and stalwart.

The family is very old, existing since the Dawn of Days when they were petty-kings. During the coming of the Andals and the creation of the Kingdom of the Reach, the Hightowers allied with the newcomers. Thus they were able the keep their wealth, lands and privileges.

House Hightower rarely takes part in wars within the realm. They were integral in the foundation of the Citadel and continue to be patrons of both the Citadel and the Faith.

The known members of this house are:

Lord Leyton Hightower, called the Old Man of Oldtown.

Lady Rhea Florent, his fourth wife.

Ser Baelor Hightower, his eldest son and heir. Married to Rhonda Rowan.

Malora Hightower, his eldest daughter. Called the Mad Maid.

Alerie Hightower, his second daughter. Married to Lord Mace Tyrell.

Ser Garth Hightower, his second son. Called Greysteel.

Denyse Hightower, his third daughter. Married to Ser Desmond Redwyne.

Leyla Hightower, his fourth daughter. Married to Ser Jon Cupps

Alysanne Hightower, his fifth daughter. Married to Lord Arthur Ambrose.

Lynesse Hightower, his sixth daughter. Married to Lord Jorah Mormont;

Ser Gunthor Hightower, his third son. Married to Jeyne Fossoway.

Ser Humfrey Hightower, his fourth son.