Faith of the Seven ( Faith )

The Faith of the Seven is the dominant religion of the Seven Kingdoms, and is often simply referred to as “the Faith”. The only parts of Westeros where the Faith is not widespread are the North and the Iron Islands, where the practice of the Old Gods and of the Drowned God respectively are still strong.

The Faith worships the Seven, a single deity with seven aspects or faces, each representing a different virtue. Worshipers pray to specific aspects of the Seven for help and guidance depending on their need. This aspects are:

Father, or the Father Above, representing judgment. He is depicted as a bearded man who carries scales, and is prayed to for justice.

Mother, or the Mother Above, representing motherhood and nurturing. She is prayed to for fertility or compassion, and is depicted as smiling with love, embodying the concept of mercy.

Warrior, representing strength in battle. He is prayed to for courage and victory. He carries a sword.

Maiden, representing innocence and chastity. She is usually prayed to to protect a maiden’s virtue.

Smith, representing crafts and labor. He is usually prayed to when work needs to be done, for strength. He carries a hammer.

Crone, representing wisdom. She carries a lantern and is prayed to for guidance.

Stranger. An exception to the other aspects, the Stranger represents death and the unknown. Worshipers rarely seek favor from the Stranger, but outcasts sometimes associate themselves with this god.