Meereen is the northernmost and the largest of the three great slaver cities of Slaver’s Bay. . It is ruled by the Great Masters, the heads of Meereen’s slaving families, and its wealthiest of citizens live in stepped pyramids.

Meereen lies on the northeast coast of Slaver’s Bay at the mouth of the Skahazadhan, where it flows from its origins in Lhazar through the range of sandstone mountains separating Meereen and the rest of Slaver’s Bay from the Red Waste. The Dothraki Sea lies to the north, beyond the river. To reach Lhazar from meereen one must pass through the Khyzai Pass.

Copper is plentiful in the Ghiscari hills, but the metal is not as valuable as it had been when bronze ruled the world. Cedars once grown tall along the coast but they grow no more, they were felled by the axes of the Old Empire or consumed by dragonfire when Ghis made war against Valyria. Once the trees had gone, the soil baked beneath the hot sun and blew away in thick red clouds. According to Galazza Galare it was these calamities that transformed her people into slavers. Without slaves Meereen has little to offer.

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