Old Ghis ( Ghis )

Ghis, the ruins of the capital city of the ancient Ghiscari Empire, located in the Ghiscar region on the eastern continent, almost directly east across the Gulf of Grief from Valyria.

Ghis was the major power in the east, the Ghiscari Empire dominated most of the eastern continent. The city was brought to ruin following a series of wars with young Valyria 5,000 years ago. Five times had Old Ghis contended with Valyria when the world was young, and five times gone down to bleak defeat, for the Freehold had dragons, and the Empire had none. In its conclusion Ghis legions were shattered, its brick walls were pulled down, its streets and buildings turned to ash and cinder by dragonflame, its fields sown with salt, sulfur, and skulls.

Today it is commonly called Old Ghis. It was founded by Grazdan the Great. Its emblem was a harpy; a woman’s torso, wings of a bat instead of arms, legs of an eagle and a scorpion’s tail. In its claws rested a thunderbolt.

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