The Ghiscari people are in fact mongrels of a dozen races and peoples driven together by the empire and its fall. They are spread over a large area around Slaver’s Bay, west of the Gulf of Grief. The Ghiscari culture, gods and tongue were largely forgotten over time and the Ghiscari adopted the language of their valyrian conquerors. Today they speak a dialect of High Valyrian. The crumbling walls, pyramids, and harpy statues are all that remain of the empire’s glory days.

The Unsullied tactics are considered a remnant of Old Ghis. They are trained to fight in the same disciplined lock-step manner and are considered the legions of Old Ghis come again. The harpy was adopted as symbol by all the slaver cities and their silver coins are stamped with a harpy. The Good Masters of Astapor, the Wise Masters of Yunkai and the Great Masters of Meereen have been training slaves for generations, much as their predecessors did, and are experts at it.

Ghiscari have dense, dark amber skin and wiry hair with red highlights. Men of the Slaver Cities are known to wear their hairs teased, oiled, and twisted into fantastic shapes. They have wear cloaks of yellow with copper disks sewn on. Their tunics are embroidered linen. Below the waist they wear pleated linen skirts and sandals. The richest classes, who are primarily made up of slavers, wear the Tokar and are fond of rich foods; such as dogs, octopus stew and duck eggs.