Aegor Rivers ( Aegor )

Ser Aegor Rivers, often called Bittersteel, was a renowned warrior and one of the Great Bastards fathered by Aegon IV. His mother was Barba of House Bracken. In his personal arms, he combined the the coat-of-arms of his parents: a red stallion for House Bracken with black dragon wings for House Blackfyre, on a golden field. Bittersteel was a warrior, and looked the part. He was tall and well-made, but also lean and lithe.

He was only half Targaryen, so he got the purple eyes, but his hair was black. As an adult he wore a close-cropped beard. Bittersteel was an angry man, and he never smiled. He was resentful all his life, and had a special loathing for his half brother Bloodraven and Mylessa Blackwood who was Bloodravens mother.