The Pureborn, also known as the Enthroned, are descendants of the Qarth’s ancient kings and queens, who rule the city of Qarth from the Hall of a Thousand Thrones. The Pureborn also command the city’s defenses: the Civic Guard, which includes camelry, and a great military fleet. There are three principal merchant groups that battle amongst themselves and against the Pureborn for dominance of the city: the Thirteen, the Ancient Guild of Spicers, and the Tourmaline Brotherhood.

The calculating Pureborn are notorious for offering poisoned wine to those they consider dangerous and their avarice is equally well-known. There is a saying among the merchants of Qarth: “It is easier to milk the Stone Cow of Faros than to wring gold from the Pureborn”.

To receive an audience with the Pureborn, a petitioner should make a traditional sacrifice in the Temple of Memory, offer a traditional bribe to the Keeper of the Long List, and send a traditional persimmon to the Opener of the Door. If all goes well, the petitioner will be sent a pair of blue slippers, signifying the granting of an audience in the Hall of a Thousand Thrones.

Known Members are:

Mathos Mallarawan.

Wendello Qar Deeth.

Egon Emeros.