Belwas, more commonly known as Strong Belwas, is a tanned eunuch colossus. His nickname Strong Belwas comes from the arenas of Meereen where he used to fight. He claims he never lost a fight and he allowed all his opponents to cut him once before they died.

Belwas’ skin is nut-brown. He weighs around 20 stones (127 kilograms/280 pounds). He has a gleaming bald head and the smooth cheeks of a eunuch. He leaves his upper torso mostly naked. Making visible pale old scars in his arms, chest, and belly. He has gapped teeth, is bald and his arms and belly are huge. He is armed with a curved arakh and a small shield the size of a pie plate which he holds with his hand instead of strapped to his forearm like a knight.

Belwas was a slave, bred and trained in Meereen. Belwas is a veteran pit-fighter, who earned a reputation at the fighting pits of Meereen. He claims to have never lost a fight. His signature move was to allow each opponent to cut him once, then to go on the offensive and kill them. He is proud of his scars. Pointing that you can count them and find out how many opponents he has slain.