Yoren is a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. He is a recruiter, or “wandering crow,” he travels the Seven Kingdoms, responsible for collecting recruits and prisoners, who would take the black, and escorting them to Castle Black for training. Yoren is hard and grim, and has little patience for fools. Due to his shoulder injury he cannot fight well anymore and for the past thirty years he has been traveling the Seven Kingdoms recruiting for the Night’s watch. In all that time, he only lost three. Yoren is not the most refined member but loyal and trustworthy. His travels frequently bring him to Winterfell, and he knows the members of House Stark and has a certain loyalty to them. Yoren is stooped and sinister with a twisted shoulder. His coarse and ugly features are hidden behind a thick and matted black beard. He is lice-ridden and smells foul, wearing garments that are tattered and long since faded to grey. He chews sourleaf.