Widow of the Waterfront

The Widow of the Waterfront, also known as Vogorro’s Whore, is a former slave. She is a very old woman and runs several docks, piers and shipping lanes in a section of Volantis.

The Widow of the Waterfront was once a former pleasure slave taught in Yunkai the ways of the seven sighs. She was purchased by a Triarch of Volantis named Vogarro. Vogarro fell in love with her and freed her, raising a great scandal by marrying her.

Vogarro owned piers, storehouses, brokered cargoes, changed money and insured shipowners against the hazards of the sea. When he died 32 years ago she took over his business. She had to sell his manse because no freeman may live within the Black Wall. She took up residence at the Merchant’s House.

The years had bent her spine and put a crone’s hump upon her back, her white hair is so thin that the pink of her scalp shows through and scar tissue covers her cheeks, where she had the slave tattoos cut off upon being freed but the widow’s eyes are bright and black. There is something reptilian about her eyes and vulpine about the way she sits.