Walder Frey (Lord)

Walder Frey rules the Twins as the head of House Frey and Lord of the Crossing. Though past ninety years old and infirm, he still maintains an active hand in the running of his house. He is a vain, prickly, ambitious, and untrustworthy man. He has become famous for siring many children and surviving many wives. He is currently married to his eighth wife and has over a hundred descendants, base and trueborn. He has had twenty-two trueborn sons and seven trueborn daughters from his marriages, with an unknown number of bastard sons and daughters. He places a great emphasis on family loyalty, though his descendants jockey ruthlessly for his favor.

Many Freys name their sons Walder and daughters Walda in hopes of honoring him.

He is brittle, suffers from gout and is confined to a chair, although he brags that he still can produce progeny. Age has made him bald and toothless and his skin hangs loose.