A coastal city-state ruled by an Archon, Tyrosh is infamous for its avarice. Traders deal extensively in slaves and Tyroshi pear brandy. The city features an abundance of pleasure houses, but they are not as highly regarded as those in Lys. Tyroshi master armorsmiths make intricate armor in fantastic shapes. Tyrosh is a popular center for the hiring of sellswords. The city is often drawn into the ongoing conflicts over the Disputed Lands and the Stepstones. The Tyroshi often wear forked beards and pointed mustaches dyed in bright colors.

At the start of the War of the Ninepenny Kings, the Band of Nine conquered Tyrosh and put Alequo Adarys the Goldentongued into power. Six years after the Band was crushed at the Stepstones, Alequo was deposed.

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