Tattered Prince

The Tattered Prince is the first and only commander of the Windblown. He is well past sixty. He is also known as Rags or Rags and Tatters to his men. He says and now we ride to his men in a classic High Valyrian.

He is considered to be sad-eyed and soft spoken. He has large pouches under his eyes. His hair and mail are silver-greyed but his cloak is made of clothes of different colors. He had stated that his appearance is so ordinary that all he has to do is remove his “tatters” and become inconspicuous.

The Tattered Prince rides a huge grey warhorse. The stallion’s spotted hindquarters are covered with ragged strips of cloth torn from the surcoats of men his master has slain. He sits straight and tall in the high saddle and his voice is strong enough to carry to every corner of the field.