Randyll Tarly ( Randyll )

Lord Randyll Tarly is the Lord of Horn Hill and the head of House Tarly. He is married to Melessa Florent and they have two sons Samwell and Dickon. He wields the Tarly ancestral blade Heartsbane, a Valyrian steel greatsword, in battle. He is a lean and balding man with a short, bristly grey beard. He is a narrow man but iron willed, shrewd and capable. He is considered the finest soldier in Westeros and a strong battle commander.

Randyll Tarly is considered one of the best soldiers in Westeros. During Robert’s Rebellion his army inflicted the only defeat on Robert Baratheon’s forces, at the Battle of Ashford.

He became disappointed in his gentle, timid firstborn son Samwell and made several harsh attempts to engage him in manly, martial pursuits, but all to no effect. Eventually Melessa gave birth to a second son Dickon. As the two brothers grew up, it became apparent that Dickon would be the son that Randyll had wanted. Randyll left Samwell to his own devices until he approached adulthood. At that time, Randyll threatened to end Samwell’s life if he did not join the Night’s Watch, thereby nullifying his claim to Horn Hill.