Paxter Redwyne ( Paxter )

Lord Paxter Redwyne of the Arbor is the Lord of the Arbor and head of House Redwyne. He is married to his cousin Mina Tyrell, the sister of his liege Lord Mace Tyrell. By her he has two sons, Ser Horas and Ser Hobber and a daughter, Desmera. He is stooped of shoulder, thin, and balding with only a few orange tufts of hair remaining.

Following the lead of his liege lord, Paxter Redwyne remained loyal to the Targaryens during Robert’s Rebellion. During the year-long Siege of Storm’s End his fleet blockaded Ser Stannis Baratheon from being resupplied by sea, complementing Lord Mace Tyrell’s land forces.

The siege was nearly successful, but the Baratheon garrison was resupplied when the smuggler Davos Seaworth slipped through the Redwyne fleet. Following the defeat of the Targaryens and the deaths of King Aerys II and his heirs, he swore fealty to King Robert Baratheon when Lord Eddard Stark arrived to break the siege.