Nan, generally referred to as Old Nan, is a servant woman at Winterfell. She is an ugly old woman. She is toothless, shrunken and wrinkled. Almost blind, she is too weak to climb stairs and has only a small amount of hair left to cover her head.

She is Hodor’s great-grandmother, and tells the Stark children wild tales from beyond the Wall. While terrifying them, it may also have opened their minds to the truth on what manner of creatures survive beyond the Wall. She is the oldest person at Winterfell. She came to Winterfell to nurse a Brandon Stark, which one is unsure, only that his mother had died birthing him. This Brandon Stark is believed to be either the brother of Lord Rickard Stark or a brother of his father. Nan lost both of her sons during Robert’s Rebellion, her grandson during the Greyjoy Rebellion, and her daughters moved away and died. Her only living relative is Hodor.