Loras Tyrell ( Loras )

Ser Loras Tyrell is Lord Mace Tyrell’s third son. Known as the Knight of Flowers, he is a highly skilled knight and jouster. His tournament successes, dazzling good looks, and ostentatious showmanship have made him a celebrated figure in the courts of the Seven Kingdoms.

His personal coat of arms is three golden roses on a field of green, indicating his position as a third son. Ser Loras is exceptionally handsome with long, flowing brown hair and golden eyes. He is already a legend, and that half the girls in the Seven Kingdoms want to bed him, and all the boys want to be him.

Despite his youth and slender frame, he is a capable warrior, using swords, axes, and morning-stars to deadly effect. He is beloved by the smallfolk, especially the women. While courteous he is still thirsty for glory and can be short-tempered and impetuous.