Kevan Lannister ( Kevan )

Ser Kevan Lannister is Tywin Lannister’s younger brother. Ser Kevan is described as being a fat fifty five year old man, with rounded shoulders and fair skin.

He is portly, balding, with close-cropped, yellow beard that follows the line of his massive jaw. While it is said that Kevan never had a thought that Tywin didn’t have first, he is by no means stupid; he simply recognized the superiority of his brother at an early age. Kevan was comfortable doing his duty to realize his brother’s wishes, though this meant perpetually living in his shadow. He is known for his reliability and loyalty.

Kevan married Dorna Swyft and they have four children: Lancel, twin boys Martyn and Willem, and a newborn daughter, Janei.