House Merryweather ( Merryweather )

House Merryweather of Longtable is a noble house from the Reach. Its seat is located at the fork of the Mander and the Blueburn. It was a powerful and rich family until Aerys II stripped them of their lands and exiled their lord for his failures as Hand. King Robert I restored their title and some of their lands when he took the Iron Throne, but the family’s wealth and status has not completely recovered.

Their blazon is a a golden horn of plenty spilling out apples, carrots, plums, onions, leeks, turnips, and fruits of many colors, over a white field bordered in gold. Their motto is “Behold our Bounty.

The known members of this house are:

Lord Orton Merryweather, Lord of Longtable.

Taena of Myr, his wife, from the Free City of Myr.

Russell Merryweather, His son. A young child.