House Hewett ( Hewett )

House Hewett of Oakenshield rules over one of the Shield Islands. The Shield Islands are a considerable sea strength and were the first line of defense during the days that the ironborn pirates tried to sail up the Mander to sack the wealth of the Reach. Lord Hewett’s castle, with thick walls and studded oaken gates evoking the ancient arms of the house, sits above the harbor of Lord Hewett’s Town, which is a relatively big port.

They blazon their arms with an oaken escutcheon studded with iron, a field bendy of undulating blue and white.

The known members of this house are:

Lord Humfrey Hewett, Lord of Oakenshield.

Falia Flowers, his bastard daughter.

Ser Glendon Hewett: A member of the Night’s Watch, from Eastwatch-by-the-sea.