House Goodbrother ( Goodbrother )

House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn is a noble house from the Iron Islands. They are one of the most powerful houses from Great Wyk, the largest of the islands. Their keep of Hammerhorn is inland, in the Hardstone Hills, their wealth not coming from the sea but from their mines.

Their blazon is a gold-banded black warhorn on red. The known members of House Goodbrother are:

Lord Gorold Goodbrother: Lord of Hammerhorn.

Gysella Goodbrother : his daughter

Gwin Goodbrother : his daughter

Ten more daughters who aren’t named

Greydon Goodbrother: his eldest son and heir. First of the Goodbrother triplets.

Gormond Goodbrother : his second son and second of the Goodbrother triplets.

Gran Goodbrother :his third son and third of the Goodbrother triplets.