House Fossoway of New Barrel ( Fossoway of New Barrel, New Barrel )

House Fossoway of New Barrel is a house of landed knights from the Reach, sworn to Highgarden.

They are commonly referred as the green-apple Fossoways, to differentiate them from the original branch of the house, the red apple Fossoways from Cider Hall. The location of New Barrel is unknown, although it is possible that the lands of the green apples are adjacent to the lands of the red ones.

Their banner is a green apple over a golden field.

The known members of this house are:

Ser Jon Fossoway, the Knight of New Barrel.

Janna Tyrell, his wife. Lord Mace Tyrell’s sister.

Lady Jeyne Fossoway, the wife of Ser Gunthor Hightower.

Leonette Fossoway, married to Garlan Tyrell