House Botley ( Botley )

House Botley of Lordsport is a noble house from the Iron Islands. Their seat of Lordsport is located at the island of Pyke, at the opposite side of the Greyjoy’s keep. The stronghold of the Botleys had been a great structure of timber and wattle, but when Robert Baratheon put down the Greyjoy Rebellion, he razed the structure to the ground. A small square keep of stone was built afterwards.

Their blazon is a shoal of silver fish on pale green.

The known members of House Botley are:

Lord Sawane Botley: Lord of Lordsport.

Harren Botley: His eldest son.

Tristifer Botley: His second son

Symond Botley: His third son.

Harlon Botley: His fourth son.

Vickon Botley: His fifth son.

Bennarion Botley: His sixth son.

Lord Germund Botley: Sawane’s brother. A renowned captain.

Balon Botley: Germund’s eldest son.

Quellon Botley: Germund’s second son.

Lucimore Botley: Sarwane’s half brother.

Sargon Botley: Sarwane’s half borther.