Ellyn Tarbeck ( Ellyn )

Ellyn Tarbeck was a member of House Tarbeck.

Ellyn Tarbeck was present at the feast in the Westerlands were the betrothal of Genna Lannister and Emmon Frey was announced. She laughed, probably because she (like many others) did not find it a good match.

Ellyn Tarbeck was probably the Lady Tarbeck that took three Lannisters hostage after her husband had been imprisoned by Lord Tytos Lannister. She let Tytos know that she would kill the Lannisters if he harmed her husband. Although Tytos’ son, Tywin advised to send Lord Tarbeck back in three pieces, an exchange was arranged.

Later the Tarbecks rebelled once more with the Reynes. This time Tywin lead the Lannister response. Both houses were exterminated. Ellyn Tarbeck was in Tarbeck Hall when it came “crashing down” and was likely killed.