Daemon Blackfyre

Daemon Blackfyre was the bastard son of Daena Targaryen and Aegon IV. Daemon swayed half the kingdom to support his claim to the Iron Throne against King Daeron II in a war called the Blackfyre Rebellion, but was killed in the fighting. Daemon was tall and powerful, with broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a flat stomach. He had strong Targaryen features, with deep purple eyes and silver-gold hair worn long over his shoulders. He always went clean-shaven.

Almost inhumanly beautiful, Daemon looked every inch the warrior, and many thought that he strongly resembled portraits of Aegon I. Daemon matured into a man of considerable charm and strength, mastering all weapons of the battlefield, but with the sword in hand he was said to fight like the Warrior himself. He won friends easily and women were drawn to him.