Maester Cressen is the maester of Dragonstone. As maester he is the advisor of Stannis Baratheon. At nearly eighty years old, he is frail with a bad hip, causing him to have trouble walking. He has wrinkly, thin skin and trembling hands.

Maester Cressen used to be maester of Storm’s End. When Lord Steffon Baratheon and his wife died in a shipwreck, he more or less raised the Baratheon children. Stannis was his favourite as he needed Cressen more because he lacked the charm of his brothers. Cressen came to regard Stannis as the son he never had. During the Siege of Storm’s End some men of the garrison tried to open the gate. Stannis had wanted to place them on the catapults and send them to the enemy but Cressen advised against it. He pointed out that they did not have much food and that hunger might force them to eat the prisoners.