Craster's Keep

Craster’s Keep is not an actual keep, it is only given that title by members of the Night’s Watch. It lies beyond the Wall. Its master is Craster, an ornery wildling who is a friend to the Night’s Watch.

Craster’s Keep sits atop a low hill with an earthen dike around it. There is at least one gate on the southwest side of the compound and a stream runs around the north end of the hill. Inside the dike, there is also a midden heap, pigsty and sheepfold.

The Keep itself is a daub-and-wattle hall that is long and low, made with logs and roofed with sod and big enough to hold thirty to fifty men at best. The door to the hall is made of two flaps of deer hide. The hall is a single room, with a sleeping loft above reached by a pair of splintery ladders. Only Craster has a chair inside, and all others sit on the benches. (Map on Next page.)