Chett is a steward of the Night’s Watch. Before he was sent to the Wall, he was a leech man’s son in the Riverlands.

He had a red face with many boils and a large cyst on his neck.

Chett was born around Hag’s Mire. His father collected leeches and sold them to maesters. Chett learned the trade from his father. He was an ugly boy and so girls did not take interest in him. He picked flowers for a girl named Bessa who had a reputation of not being picky but she spurned and insulted him. Chett got so angry that he killed her. He was caught by one of Lord Walder Frey’s bastards, apparently Walder Rivers, and he was sent to the Wall. At the Wall, Chett was assigned to the Stewards. His job was to care for the ravens and old Maester Aemon with Clydas.