Brienne of Tarth ( Brienne )

Brienne, the Maid of Tarth, sometimes mockingly called Brienne the Beauty, is the only child and heir of Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall. Brienne is distinctly unfeminine in appearance, and is considered extremely unattractive by Westerosi standards. She is very tall, muscular, flat-chested and ungainly, with straw-colored hair and broad, coarse features that are covered in freckles. Her teeth are prominent and crooked, her mouth is wide, her lips are swollen, and her nose has been broken more than once.

Brienne has spent most of her life as the object of scorn, rejection and,at best, pity. When she tried to dress and act like a proper lady, she was met with mockery and disdain for her unattractive appearance and lack of feminine social graces; when she turned to a career more suited to her talents as a warrior, she received only contempt and resentment for her gender despite her considerable skill. Perhaps because of this background, Brienne is as awkward in personality as she is in appearance. She yearns for respect and acceptance from others, and easily gives her love and loyalty to the few people who treat her with any degree of genuine courtesy. She can be headstrong and judgmental, but she is also honest, straightforward, loyal and determined. Although she has received extremely poor treatment from most knights, Brienne clings to a naively idealized concept of knighthood.