Barbrey Ryswell ( Barbrey )

Lady Barbrey Ryswell, better known as Barbrey Dustin, is the Lady of Barrowton. She is the daughter of Lord Rodrik Ryswell and the widow of Lord Willam Dustin. Barbrey Ryswell has wrinkles around her mouth and eyes, but she is still tall, unbent and handsome. Her hair is equal parts brown and grey. She is wearing it tied behind her head in a widow’s knot. She is always clad in black wool, severe in cut and unadorned. Her dark eyes at times seem to be sparkling.

While intelligent, she has grown into a very bitter woman over the years. She is the younger sister of Bethany Ryswell and, through her, a former sister-in-law to Roose Bolton. Her personal banner depicts the spiked crown above crossed longaxes of House Dustin, quartered with the golden horsehead of Rodrik Ryswell, her father.