Asshai is a port city, located in the far south-east of the Essos continent on the Jade Sea at the entrance to its eastern exit, the Saffron Straits. Asshai on the southernmost edge of a mountainous peninsula known as the Shadow Lands, thus the city is often called as Asshai-by-the-Shadow and to go to Asshai can be described as to “pass beneath the shadow”.

Asshai is a popular trading destination for ships in the Jade Sea, and it exports such goods as amber and dragonglass. It holds a significant amount of arcane knowledge. Of any current location, it is the most likely to have dragonlore. Ancient books of Asshai also record the Azor Ahai prophecy followed by members of the R’hllor faith.

Asshai and its people have an ominous reputation in other lands. Asshai’i are described as having a dark and solemn appearance.The Dothraki believe that Asshai’i are spawn of shadows. The area of the Shadow Lands and Asshai are sometimes referred to simply as “the Shadow”.

The city is usually traveled to by ship, but it can also be reached overland by a circuitous route. It is rumored the spellsingers, aeromancers and warlocks practice their arts openly in Asshai.