Artos Stark

Artos Stark, also known as Artos the Implacable, was the younger brother of Lord Willam Stark. He is buried in the crypts beneath Winterfell.When Raymun Redbeard went over the Wall, Lord Willam Stark called his banners and marched north. Artos was among those who went north with him. During the Battle of Long Lake, Lord Willam was killed. Artos slew Raymun during the battle, ending the wildling threat. The Night’s Watch arrived too late to take part in the battle and for their tardiness, Artos ordered them to dispose of the dead. Raymun Redbeard led his invasion of the North during the time of Jon Snow’s grandfather’s grandfather. Willam and Artos were the lords of that period, so it is unknown which of Artos Stark or his brother Willam Stark or even Beron Stark was the father of Edwyle Stark.