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A community built Kindle dictionary for George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series based on KEC Krew's Unofficial Game of Thrones Dictionary. While the Kindle's built-in X-Ray feature has entries for a number of characters this dictionary is more substantial, containing definitions for the majority of named characters, houses, locations - including maps, ships, and various other terms. Currently there are 2920 entries.

The dictionary aims to the spoiler safe. Plot details have been removed from entries, characters who later die have past tense verbs changed to present. As this diminishes the usefulness of the dictionary further into the series it is hoped to create dictionary builds for each book, adding additional details as the story progresses.


Download the latest file and transfer to your device's /documents/ folder. Alternatively visit this page on your device and tap the download link.

While reading ASOIF books select “GOTDict” as your default dictionary (Settings > Device Options > Language and Dictionaries > Dictionaries).

Due to caching after an update in-book lookup will probably break, restart your Kindle to fix (Long press power button > Restart).


While in-book press and hold briefly on a term to look up, if found dictionary will appear. If also found in X-Ray that will be displayed first, to view dictionary swipe right. If you find a term not in the dictionary please let us know by filing an issue.

To view definition full screen press the 'three-dot' button at the end of the toolbar, followed by 'Open Dictionary'. You can highlight terms within dictionary definitions to find other definitions.


This project needs help to improve the quality and quantity of the entries. Use the online browser to read the dictionary's definitions, then fork and send me a pull request on GitHub. Guidelines for entries will be drafted soon.

Separate builds of the dictionary may be required for non-English versions, please file an issue if you have trouble. Current multilingual efforts are posted in issue #37.

This project draws upon openly licensed content - mainly from - and uses their licence CC BY-SA. The full source and build scripts are on GitHub and are similarly openly licensed.

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